Mummy & girls picnic; making the most of the sunshine ☀️



Mini shell pasta (15-20 shells) cooked & with a little olive oil on to stop them all sticking together. 

1/2 avocado (1/2 chopped into chunks & 1/2 mashed to make a dip, also need a dash of line juice & a tablespoon of Greek yoghurt)

Homemade fruit corner: 50-60g Greek yoghurt & 50-60g stewed apple 

4 baby friendly oat nibbles (from the freezer)

2 Flatbread thins

50g red pepper humous 

59g cottage cheese

Slice of ham


Avocado dip: mash 1/4 avocado. Add a dash of lime juice & 1tbsp Greek yoghurt. Mix together. Yep it’s that easy!

Oaty bites: see blog post 29/5/16

I think everything else is as it comes. 

We actually saved the oat nibbles for afternoon snack. Everything else was for lunch. Both girls are enjoying using their sippy cups. I use the free flowing beakers because the ones with the valves can effect oromotor skill development and therefore potentially things like talking longer term. 

It’s the first time I’ve given the girls cottage cheese and they loved it. Cottage cheese is a great low fat source of protein and calcium so a taste I’m keen for them to like as they grow up. It’s important to give exposure to tastes now that you’d like your child to eat on the future. 

We sat and watched the sea in Coverack bay from a lovely patch of grass above the sea wall. I had the ham with some of the cottage cheese, the humous and a little of the avocado dip, followed by one spoonful of the homemade fruit corner. The girls ate the rest! I was hoping for more leftovers for me! They do love having different tastes and textures. 

When im planning a meal o always try to have a good source of protein, starchy carbohydrate and some vegetables &/or fruit. 

It looks like tomorrow will be less sunny but that means I won’t need to water the veggie patch!