Mega salad for tea 😍

My salad:

The girls salad:

My mega salad: With some chopped chicken and smoked salmon baubles. The baubles were reduced from £6 to 75p for 4 just because of the shape and they’re still a great source of omega 3 fats! So we’ve celebrated hubby’s birthday with them 😍

I’ve got two on my plate as I shared with the girls – they like to eat things like this off my plate 😂

For the salad I’ve got lettuce, ticket, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, chopped peppers, olives and cottage cheese. I also had the leftover pasta from the girls.

It was delicious 😋 which is lucky as I made another one for my lunchbox tomorrow #prepahead

The girls salad: Sundried tomato pesto chicken pasta, cucumber, quartered cherry tomatoes, chopped olives, and cottage cheese, plus some of the smoked salmon bauble from my plate. This was a big hit with both girls.

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