Making meetings healthier


Great news as I’ve been accepted into the AHPs4PH scheme and hope to look at trialling some of my ideas around healthy meetings. 

Don’t get me wrong I’m always grateful for a free lunch, but sometimes they can be a bit beige! 
Today’s was anything but and most importantly really tasty and provided great balanced nutrition. In fact it’s more like a mega version of what I try to provide for my girls. 
I thought I’d share it as a good example of what a healthy life much for a meeting or conference can look like. 
So what was there? 

Plater 1: Veggie sticks (pepper, cucumber, carrot and celery) and cheese Barton’s with humous, pesto and chilli dips. 

Platter 2: slices of water melon, pineapple, orange, kiwi and grapes. 

Platter 3: chicken skewers & salad leaves with BBQ or chilli dip. 

Platter 4: falafels and salad leaves with minty yoghurt dip. 

Platter 5: meaty sandwiches inc ham & tomato, chicken tikka and tuna. 

Platter 6: non-meat sandwiches eg cheese & salad and egg & cress. 

Platter 7: mini (portion controlled) cakes, brownies and flapjacks. 

We also made sure that we had movement breaks and stood for parts of the meeting. Things like this are so important for long meetings and conferences to help keep people feeling energised. 
These were very appreciated as lots of us had travelled a long way to attend today’s meeting meaning that there were fewer opportunities to be active during the rest of the day.
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