Keeping hydrated


Staying hydrated is important at any time if the year and no matter what your age. Thank you to a good friend of mine and an amazing dietitian Jenna for today’s blog. 

‘Ok I hold my hands up, I’m a Dietitian but I do not practise what I preach when it comes to hydration.

I work in the community, spending many hours in the car and in patient’s homes, and often can go all day without a drink. Do I end my working day tired with a splitting headache? YES, every day!!!
So I ask myself why I do not drink much? I do avoid drinking when I’m visiting patients houses as I do not like to ask to use their toilet! RIDICULOUS I know; My poor kidneys! but I also do not enjoy many drinks.
About 6 months ago I stayed in a lovely hotel and I stumbled across cucumber water (just plain tap water with cucumber slices) which was on offer at breakfast. This has revolutionised my drinking habits. I love the taste, I love the thirst quench it gives me and now this is my main drink throughout the day.
Not only do I like this, but so do my children and now all the children that attend nursery and preschool with them…..they have set a trend with cucumber in their water bottles!!! I also have a friend who’s little one is not a good drinker and she was very reluctant to give her squash, but felt at a loss as to how to encourage her daughter to drink. ….Cucumber water did the trick.
Now i’m not here to preach about cucumber water, but I am encouraging everyone to experiment with tap water. Calorie free, no sugar, no sweetners, no caffeine, it is the best form of hydration, but not to everyone’s taste. Try infusing your water with raspberries, strawberries, water melon, pineapple, orange and lemon (squeeze the juice from oranges and lemons rather than leaving in the water as it can become very bitter with time).
Half of our body is water, it is essential we hydrate ourselves to regulate our body temperature, regulate our bowels, prevent urine infections and kidney stones. If we do become dehyrated, we will feel tired, suffer with headaches and have poor concentration. Never a good combination with hectic work & family life!!!
Remember other drinks count towards your fluid requirements which are a minimum of 1600ml for woman and 2000ml for men; tea, coffee, squash, milk, flavoured water, fruit juices and fizzy drinks. But all these drinks come with additional sugars or sweeteners and caffeine so they need to be taken in moderation.
So your challenge is on, see what you can find today that is new that will keep hydrated.’

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