Keep that smile healthy. Why the timing of foods and drinks is important for your oral health:

 It’s World Oral Health Day and so it seems a good day to think about the impact of food on oral health. 
Most people are very aware that high sugar foods and drinks are detrimental to good oral health, particularly tooth health. However there are lots of food and drinks that people swap to that can be just as bad. 

The good news is that it’s the number of exposures/ assaults to your teeth that really matters. In other words how often you eat or drink these things that is really important. Grazing and regularly sipping on sugary and / or acidic drinks causes the biggest problems for your oral health. 

If you stick to regular meals and snacks (if needed), avoid picking at things and stick to drinking water and non-sweetened hot drinks like herbal teas between these times this will make a big difference. 

Something that often surprises people it that savoury foods like crisps, and ‘healthy foods and drinks’ like dried fruit, smoothies and fruit juice are some of the worst offenders for getting stuck in your teeth or really getting to every surface and contributing to tooth decay. 

Dried fruit and fruit juice are recognised as having some but a limited health benefit and it’s therefore recommended that you stick to a maximum of one portion of each of these a day. To be tooth kind these are better consumed as part of a meal and washed down with water. 

And of course remember to thoroughly brush your (& your children’s) teeth twice a day to keep that smile healthy 😀
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