I’m going ‘on diet’ tomorrow #PKU #DietitiansWeek


As part of #dietetiansweek I’m going‘on diet’ tomorrow. I’ll be follow a low protein diet that we prescribe for #PKU This doesn’t just mean no meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, pulses, soya, nuts or seeds (the more obvious sources) but also no grains and a restriction on fruit&veg.

Just finished prepping for my day ‘on diet’ #PKU. I’m able to have 10 exchanges @SarahGwynn I’m inspired by you so trying to follow your prescription.

My protein exchanges (allowances) for tomorrow all weighed up. 1/2 my total exchanges on 50g raw oats. This is only 2/3 of my usually portion so I’m bulking it out with grated carrot, raisins and adding mixed spice &water.

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