Happy decorating 🎄


First weekend in December has started and this is the first decoration going up 😍⛄️🎄

This is a really easy to make decoration.


Simply cut a triangle and some rectangles (about 3cm by 10-15cm) out on a cardboard box (this one used to be the tractor that I never quite finished 😋) paint green & use finger paints or a brush with your little ones to make the baubles and lights.

Once dry cut a slit at the base of the triangle and half way along the rectangle about 1.5-2cm long.

Slide the two slits together and your tree should happily stand.

The older children also stuck on bits to make tinsel strands etc. You can get as crafty as you like!

We made these with our lovely ‘twinspirational’ friends and mummy who’s friendship, understanding and generosity have helped us more than they’ll ever know.

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