Happy Burns night from the haunted house



(This post is a little late as I’ve been struggling to upload it so apologies.)

W & B are in their kilts today to celebrate. 

They both love to put shoes on, especially B. Today though they decided to have one each so ended up in a little pretty shoe and a padded boot slipper. This imbalance led to funky / funny walking and dancing which they thought was halarious. 


We have a ghost in the house. In fact we have two – they’ve both been roaming around under their blankets this evening and giggling. 

There’s nothing better than the sound of your wee ones giggling. 

We have lots of fun with blankets playing peepo and making camps but tonight was the first time they were both ghosts. They ended up lying on the floor giving each other a hug 

#abitdark but hopefully that adds to the atmosphere 😂 

What are your little one’s favourite activities to burn off energy before starting the bedtime routine? 

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