Gooseberry & strawberry porridge


Gooseberry & strawberries stewed and served on our morning porridge. 
So easy to do. Just top and tail the gooseberries (no need to chop). Add chunked up strawberries & allow to gently stew in a nonstick pan (or pop in the microwave for a quicker result!). 

This is B’s favourite porridge to date 😍 

Such delicious fruit and veggies. We picked these at the weekend 💖🍓(no gooseberry emoji!). The gooseberries are so tasty we’ve been eating them raw too. 

A great start to the day packed with soluble fibre, vitamin C & calcium. The slow release carbohydrate, fibre and protein content of this dish helps to keep me feeling fuller for longer which is needed for busy days with my girls 💖💖

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