Family (& waist!) friendly Friday fish and chips


Tonight the oven went on and in went the par-boiled (with skins on as I like the taste and it ups the fibre) carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes all cut into batons or wedges with a little drizzle of oil over the top and sea bass fillets on another tray. The finely ribboned greens jumped into the steamer (cut like this in an attempt to entice little mouths though they didn’t really go for it 😂) and I chopped up some parsley (2-3 tbsp), capers (2 tbsp), added the zest of 1 lemon, 2 tbsp lemon juice & 3 tbsp olive oil and mixed it all together to make the gremolata. 

Fish is a great source of lean protein unless you stick it in the deep frier (especially if smothered in batter!). And the extra great news is that the fat that sea bass has is rich in the healthiest of all fats, the omega 3s 😀 

The girls (& us) really enjoyed having carrot and sweet potato ‘chips’, in fact they were all eaten before the normal potatoes. 

Tonight’s ‘love it’ foods were the sweet potato and carrots, ‘like it’ were the fish and potatoes and the ‘learning it’ food was the greens. Exposure is key. 

If giving greens or anything leafy to babies ensure that it is really well chopped up and start by mixing it with something to make it less leafy as this will allow it to be more easily swallowed e.g. Mashed veggies, parsley sauce or cream cheese. 

Using a smaller plate and loading up with veggies is a great way to feel like you’re eating more than you are – the eyes see a full plate, the mouth does lots of chewing and the tummy is full of fibre.

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