Don’t be restricted when making salad 😀

This is the life! A ‘what’s in the fridge salad’ sat on Poldhu beach with family and friends. There’s no place I’d rather be!
This salad has a base of bistro beetroot mix topped with cucumber, chopped cherry tomatoes, chopped gherkin, boiled egg, pickled blackberries, 1/2 slice crispy smoked bacon broken into pieces and on the side a wholemeal muffin with hummous in. I loaded the muffin with the salad there and then rather than making it as a sandwich ahead because it stopped it going soggy and meant that I had lots more veggies than I would have had in a sandwich.
Sometimes the thought of prepping a salad can seem a lot of hassle but I find that when you do it next to making toddler lunches it throws together pretty quickly.
Try not to worry about having all of the ‘right’ ingredients and just have a go with what you have – it doesn’t need to be a Niçoise salad just tasty things you like! Remember things that are in jars like pickles and in tins like tuna, beans and sweet corn.
The girls had everything other than the salad leaves and the bacon. W is a massive fan of pickles including my pickled blackberries 😍 Neither of them are that keen on the egg yolk unless it’s mixed with something so I offered them some and are the rest myself (I love them – mum perk 😋).
This was on Saturday and it really felt like Spring was here. In fact the flip flops even came out for playing in the garden when we got home!
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