Different eating styles…


Having twins makes me feel like I’m part of a behaviour experiment on a daily basis.

Babies and toddlers have different eating styles and it doesn’t mean that one is right and one is wrong, they’re just different and likely a reflection of their personality than anything else!

Cleaning up after dinner made me think about this. As you can see in the picture I have one (W) precise eater who drops very little and what misses her mouth gets caught by her bib. B on the other hand will often take a couple of bites of something and then chuck the last but over her shoulder! Or if something is in the way of what she fabcies at that minute it’ll get chucked too (often in the floor too!). To get around this I try to keep an eye for the signs and then have a little less in front of her to reduce chances of it going over the shoulder! With encouragement and positive reinforcement, eg ‘good eating, and another bite’ before the food is chucked, means that we’re making progress with less on the floor 😀

Allowing children to self feed improves dexterity, hand eye coordination and gives them choice (if you put a couple of different things in front of them). I recommend that you always give food on a surfacectgatcuou can easily clean. If it’s a carpet put down a wipe clean cloth. We use this principle with tables and table cloths too. You can get a piece of wipe clean fabric quite cheaply from your local habidashiery. This fabric doesn’t tend to fray so you don’t even need to hem it.

We have been signing for a few things including good, eating, drinking, please/ thank you, more and finished.

Now it might just be a coincidence but W now waves her hands as per the sign when she’s had enough. This unfortunately is at the height of any remaining food which then flies everywhere.

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