Colourful lunch 🌈


How is your rainbow looking today? As a general rule coloured fruits and veggies have different nutrients in them so eating a rainbow regularly is a great approach to balanced eating. 

We had figs with our porridge this morning (purple) and banana (yellow) for snack this morning so maybe some carrots and / or a satsuma this afternoon / evening to complete ours today! 💖🌈

Balanced lunch of half a ham sandwich, quartered yellow and red cherry tomatoes, kidney beans, cucumber and watermelon. 

I’ve cut the centre of the cucumber into strips and the outer section into smaller chunks as the girls find it easier to eat this way (we’re still waiting for those top teeth to break through properly!). I find that if I squeeze the sandwich together a little it holds together a bit better and is therefore easier to eat. 

I tend to give the girls a few bits at a time so that they can choose what to eat first but I keep the fruit until half way through the meal. I’m keen to generally give during the meal rather than as ‘afters’ so we don’t always end in a sweet rare and so that they don’t hold out for it. We’ll see how it goes 😍 

ps the quiche didn’t make it in time for lunch! 

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