Box fun: play house


Our first Wendy House is a massive hit. It’s not the most polished creation, in fact it’s a work in progress. I’ve made a tunnel entrance with a smaller box which they love crawling through.

This is day 3 (we’ll it’ll be tomorrow but this is with the new window ready!). Each day I’ve made a new bit like cutting a new window. The girls loved looking at each other through the window (one inside and one out). Leaving the shutter (flap!) has worked well as they love opening and closing it 😍

Current guidelines are for 3 hours of active play per day for the early years. A safe space with the TV off is all that they need, but sometimes different things to investigate and play with and music to dance to can really encourage activity.

What do you do to encourage active play? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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