Beany roasted squash soup


On a placemat made by their 3 year old cousin 💖

This was such a hit with B. Orange is her favourite colour for food! 

Really simple to make. When the oven was on a couple of days ago I popped a whole squash and a few shallots still in their skins in to roast on another shelf. 

This soup is simply the roasted squash (I removed the skin – it came away so easily after being roasted), the shallots (again skins removed) a little (1 inch) diced chorizo (if you’ve not hit any in or want to make a veggie version use a teaspoon or two of paprika instead) and a tin of beans. 

I used haricot beans which are the same ones in baked beans which are a good bean to start with if baked beans are the only ones you / your little ones tend to eat at the moment. 

If this is being served as a ‘first food’ then you might want to mask the beans a little and leave out the chorizo. As your wee one gets bigger they’ll manage the beans but when you introduce the chorizo make sure it very finely chopped or whizzed in as it can be very tricky to chew. 

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