Gone sailing…

Lots of fun at the Push the Boat Out event @helfordriversailingclub
Today the girls went on the water for the first time!
So ok they weren’t very active when in the boat but hopefully if they get a love for the water like we have then there are so many great ways to have fun and keep fit. They also had plenty of active play on the beach finding shells before and after 😍🌊🏝🏖

Is there anything that you’re looking forward to introducing your wee ones to?
I love rowing, sailing, canoeing and windsurfing. None of which I get to do much at the moment. Today was the first step family life on the water 😀

We stayed for lunch too & it was a good choice! The stewards are doing a fantastic job and cooking up some really delicious food. We especially loved the stuff from the grill including the chicken and veg skewers. 
And when W saw a picture of an orange on our bag of waterproofs and desperately wanted one the staff were brilliant making a smiley face with a couple of slices for her!

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